Basketball Training Aids - Why Use Them?

Basketball Training Aids - Why Use Them?

Basketball is one of the most participated sports across the globe and is also very popular here in Australia. With over 2 billion fans around the world, it is essential that avid basketball followers and players are provided with the necessary aids to assist them in reaching their full potential in the sport. For this reason, with the help of SKLZ, late last year we decided to launch a wide range of affordable basketball training aids that will provide our customers with some top basketball skill training products. These products will benefit anyone from young ages, all the way to up and coming stars of the game, not forgetting the mature aged performers looking to improve their game.

The following are a few of our advanced SKLZ Basketball products and their benefits:


SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target

The SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target is an optical shooting aid that enables you to quickly locate a bright yellow target to shoot towards.

The skill that’s required to be able to receive the full benefit of the shooting target is shooting, whether it’s from the free-throw line, mid-range, or from outside the arc.

To use this product, attach the bright yellow target to each side of the ring by using the clips that are already attached to the product. Once that is set up, shoot from whatever position on the court whilst aiming for the target. 

The main benefits and results you should see from consistent use of this product are to improve your accuracy for any shot in any zone on the court. The point of the bright yellow target is so in a match situation, players visualize the target in-game from their practice, making the shot more consistently and more often than they were to prior use of the SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target. Shooting is the most valuable asset to have in Basketball and with the aid of the SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target, your shooting will improve drastically.

SKLZ Dribble Stick

The SKLZ Dribble Stick is a Basketball Dribbling and Agility Trainer designed to improve coordination, gain better handles and perfect your dribble. The stick comes with a platform on top to place a basketball on to, as well as thin rods to use during agility or coordination training. The product also comes with a guide that includes different drills to perform with the Dribble Stick.

The basic basketball skill required to be able to use this product effectively is dribbling.

To use this product, place the Dribble Stick on a flat surface with plenty of space around it. Once it is placed, you can perform plenty of drills revolving around coordination and agility to improve your overall dribble, hand positioning and more.

The benefits and results you should see from this product is an improvement of your speed and handling whilst dribbling the ball, which stems from the targeted areas of improvement of coordination and agility. 

SKLZ Solo Assist

The SKLZ Solo Assist is the perfect training aid when it comes to improving your catch and shoot training. The product’s rebound mechanism ensures a soft, true pass design to set you up in the best way possible for a sharp catch and shoot release.

The basic basketball skill required to be able to use this product is to be able to catch and shoot.

To use this product, place the SKLZ Solo Assist anywhere on the court within your shooting range. The product can be used for both inside shooting, and outside shooting. Once you’ve set up the product, pass the basketball onto the product and prepare for yourself for the light rebound back to your hands. Instantly shoot once receiving the ball for the best results for your catch and shoot practice.

The benefits and results you should see from this product is an improvement of your release, jumper & shot through your catch and shoot motion. Your catch and shoot release is an important skill to have especially when under pressure in a match situation, which is where the SKLZ Solo Assist is the perfect training aid to improve with. 


The SKLZ D-Man is a portable hands-up defensive mannequin that is the ideal training aid to improve many basketball attributes such as dribbling, shooting, or passing. It is a foldable product that comes with a strong ground base to provide stability.

To be able to benefit using this product, you will be required to perform all the basic basketball skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting.

To use the product, place the D-Man anywhere around the court, then choose to work on any specific basketball skill you choose to work on. The SKLZ D-Man can be used in solo practice or team settings.

The results you should see from this product vary depending on the techniques you choose to work on, however you will see positive results no matter which skill you decide to improve.



As you can see, after naming the core of our wide range of Basketball Training Aid products, these 4 training aids are perfect in terms of improving and developing almost all attributes needed to perform at a high level in Basketball. We at World Fitness Australia aim to provide you with all training aids required to improve your sports performance.

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