Cardio Heaven Home Gym - Budget: $1500

We know a lot of you may quiver when you hear the word ‘cardio’, but this budget-friendly, home gym package will show you just how fun and rewarding this type of exercise can really be! 🏃‍♀️

Now, not to shock you straight off the bat or anything but... Cardio doesn’t just mean running for hours on end, or slaving away over your exercise bike (by all means enjoy though if that's your jam!). In reality, there are endless amounts of cardio workouts that are as equally enjoyable as they are effective, including circuit classes, HIIT, interval training or simply, just a nice leisurely stroll in the big, beautiful outdoors. 

Although some of these training techniques may help you reach your goals faster, they all ultimately offer the same benefits, including:

  • Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
  • Better heart health. 
  • Aiding weight loss.
  • Boosting your immune system.
  • Releasing endorphins to help promote positive mental health.

So, if you want to be left feelin’ good and lookin’ good, our Cardio Heaven home gym will take you there!

What's included:

Total cost = $1582

Alright, I know we said that you wouldn’t have to slave over a cardio machine to work on your aerobic fitness, but let's face it, no cardio pack would be complete without a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine. That is why we have let you pick your poison from the three options above.

Each of these machines are compact in size, purposefully designed to fit into any home gym space. All of them offer multiple resistance levels and various in-built programs to challenge users of all ages and fitness levels. 

What’s great about cardio machines is that they can be used for both LISS (low intensity steady state training) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. To quickly sum it up, LISS involves little exertion over a longer period of time, such as a long walk or a slow paced bike ride, whereas HIIT involves high exertion over a short period of time, such as sprint intervals or a TABATA workout on the rower. By having the choice to either go balls-to-the-wall, or just take it nice and easy, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to listen to your body, and train in accordance with how you are feeling that day. This is likely to maximise your results as it will reduce the likelihood of injury or burnout, and offers your body to train at multiple intensity levels.

HIIT workout using rowing machine, exercise bike or treadmill.

It was a no brainer to include our Bodyworx Medicine Ball, Bodyworx Pump Set, and TRX Strong System Suspension Trainer in this home gym set-up. The reason being, one of the most effective ways to build lean muscle mass and shed excess body fat is by combining a lil’ bit of weights with a lil’ bit of cardio. 

Medicine balls are F A N T A S T I C for using individually or with a partner. Their bouncy material can be used against the wall or floor, and they are super effective for working multiple muscles simultaneously. Exercises such as wall balls and medicine ball sit-ups are not only going to elevate your heart rate and get you into that fat burning zone, but they will also help strengthen and tone your shoulders, abs, arms and legs.

If you’ve ever been to a pump class at the gym, you know they really get the heart going! Designed to be used with lower weights and higher repetitions, this pump set offers all the same benefits as a regular barbell and weight plates, only it is much smaller, lighter and easier to use. It is the perfect tool to incorporate some light weights into your cardio workouts, in order to help burn extra calories, increase your muscular endurance and build strength. 

If you’re not already convinced that cardio is actually a good time, then the TRX suspension trainer is definitely going to change your mind. These things have got to be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, and what makes them even better is that they can be used pretty much anywhere. Anchor it to a door, or secure it to a fixture at your local playground and you’re ready to get to work! TRX trainers utilise your own body weight as resistance, allowing you to hit every muscle group with a single piece of equipment. You can incorporate this bad boy into your next HIIT workout with mountain climbers, back rows and incline push-ups to really fast track your results!

TRX Back Rows
TRX Mountain Climbers
TRX incline push ups


Looking to spend a little less? Take a look at our Lifters Ultimate Home Gym or Bang For Your Buck, which are budgeted between $500-$1000!

If you need any further assistance in creating your dream home gym then you can always get in contact with our expert staff or visit us in our retail store, located 327 Warrigal Road, Cheltenham.  

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