The Benefits of Boxing for Fitness

Boxing has so many benefits, both for your physical and mental health. Getting into the ring not only helps you to lose weight, but it can also improve your state of mind.

If you’re not sure whether or not to take up the brilliant sport that is boxing, by the time you’ve read this article you’ll be wanting to strap on those gloves!

The many benefits of boxing:

1. Boxing can help you to burn fat and lose weight

Boxing is a high-intensity cardio workout that can help you to burn hundreds of calories every time you hit the gym. One of the many benefits of completing a high-intensity workout is that you continue to burn fat for hours after you’ve finished boxing.

In fact, studies have shown boxing can help you to lose weight fast than any other sport. Research from supplement company Forza has estimated that you can burn about 800 calories an hour when you box – which is more than any other type of exercise!

2. Boxing will improve your cardio fitness

Boxing is a full-body workout. Not only are you moving your upper body when you’re boxing, but you’re also side-stepping and bouncing around the ring, meaning both your upper and lower areas of your body are working at the same time.

When you move so vigorously, your body needs to work overtime to keep up. Your heart is pumping and your lungs are rapidly inhaling and exhaling, pushing blood and oxygen throughout your body.

Boxing will test your fitness levels to the extreme and it won’t be long before you begin to see the benefits it has on your cardio fitness levels.

3. Boxing works wonders for your core stability

Boxing improves your balance. The more you box, the more you work your core muscles, strengthening the centre of your body. As these muscles firm up, they become more supportive of the rest of your body, it becomes easier and easier to keep your balance.

When you box, you need to be able to dodge and duck from sudden movements, and this core stability will enable you to do this more efficiently. The strengthening of your core also means you’ll be more likely to pack a punch without missing your target or losing your balance.

4. Boxing improves your strength

You only need to look at the physique of men and women who box regularly to see that boxing is great for improving your strength. Because boxing works your entire body from head to toe, improving your overall strength is unavoidable.

By boxing regularly, you will begin to see your muscles in your legs, arms, shoulders and stomach strengthen and tone.

When you throw punches and connect with a punching bag, you are improving the power and strength your body has, as this is a type of resistance training. Just like lifting weights at the gym, boxing helps to build muscle and tone throughout your body.

5. Boxing improves your hand and eye co-ordination

If you’re someone who often seems to be tripping up or falling over, perhaps you should take up boxing. Why? Because boxing greatly improves coordination. Although boxing is known to increase your hand and eye co-ordination, by boxing regularly you will see improvements in your overall coordination.

This is because boxing improves the messages transmitting from your brain to your body and vice-versa. You need to be quick-thinking on your feet with boxing, and over time you will learn to focus and improve your coordination when hitting your target.

6. Boxing is a great way to get rid of stress

Some phycologists prescribe boxing as a form of stress relief. Hitting a boxing bag at the gym is a physical way to get tension out of your body in a safe environment.

This stress relief can help to release endorphins, not only making you feel better while you're working out but improving your overall mental health for hours or days after you leave the gym.

7. Boxing helps to build on your self-esteem and confidence

Boxing helps build resilience. When you are working on your physical strength through boxing, you are also building yourself up mentally, improving your fighting spirit and allowing you to deal with anything life throws your way.

There’s no doubt that boxing can make you feel powerful, and with this empowerment comes a boost in your confidence and self-esteem.

A lot of the physical skills you learn inside the boxing gym can be transferred to mental attributes you can use in everyday life, such as getting a better understanding of the people around you. Remember, boxing is almost like a dance, and the more you learn about how to compile certain steps and combinations, the better you will become at coordinating your routine.

This practice and perseverance can put you in good stead for tackling many different challenges that are thrown at you in life.

8. Boxing is a fun way to work out

If you’ve ever dreaded putting regular exercise into your daily routine, you might be pleasantly surprised with boxing because it’s a lot of fun!

There’s a lot of art and skill in boxing, and dedicating yourself to the sport can be very rewarding. The more you box, the better your technique will improve. Not only is this motivating but it’s a fun way to exercise!

Best of all, boxing isn’t a solo sport. You’re rarely alone when you box and many boxers like to work out together. In fact, there are many gyms around Australia that are dedicated solely to boxing.

This socialisation makes boxing even more fun and enjoyable.

So, have we convinced you to strap on those gloves and step into the ring? If you’ve ever wanted to improve your confidence and strengthen yourself – both mentally and physically – then there’s nothing like a good boxing match to make you feel on top of the world.

On the surface, it can seem that boxing is all about building your physical strength, but if we dig a little deeper it is easy to see that there is more to it than that.

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