The Complete Home Gym - Budget: $2000

The gym that has it all, with the best value for money! 💰

If you thought our other home gym packages were good, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Our complete home gym has a little bit of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

With a solid mix of strength, cardio and functional equipment, this wicked home gym set-up will keep your workouts fresh and interesting for years to come.

Now, you might be wondering why we’ve included such a diverse range of products, but the answer to that one is simple. To keep your body on its toes.

When you’re trying to make changes to your body it's important to keep it guessing. By incorporating different exercises and movements into your program, you’re going to prevent overuse injuries, as well as hit more muscles (for increased gains). It's also a great way to ensure you don’t get bored with your training, so that you can remain motivated and consistent when it comes to reaching your goals! 🌟

What's included:

Total cost = $1985

Strength training has never been easier with this Marcy Home Gym. Equipped with a chest press, pec fly station, high-pulley system (including lat pull down), low-pulley system, curl pad and leg developer, you’re able to perform over 30 different exercises with this magical multi-station. I don’t think much more needs to be said after that..

But we have included the YBell’s for those who are looking to add a little extra oomph to their weight training. If you’ve seen our Bang For Your Buck ($500 home gym), then you already know how A M A Z I N G YBell’s are. 

For those who haven’t, do not be deceived by their size. These little master-pieces can substitute for dumbbells, kettlebells, push-up stands and double-grip medicine balls, essentially making them 4-pieces of equipment in one!

We recommend the medium sized YBell’s for this home set-up. Each weighing in at 8kg, they are just the right size to give yourself that extra push during functional training or they can offer a nice bit of relief during a heavy weights session.


      That brings us to our very own Body Iron Wall Ball. A great addition to any functional training program, this big, beautiful ball of squishy-goodness is designed to absorb impact, meaning you can throw it against the wall, floor or even your training buddy (ok maybe not) without causing any damage.  Some of our fav exercises with wall balls include wall throws, incline push up, bear carry and wall sits.


      Sneak in your cardio with the Everlast skipping rope. Guaranteed to make you break a sweat, skipping offers a full body workout with an array of benefits. Burn fat, strengthen your legs and increase your endurance with a single exercise.

      Lifestyle image of female skipping with pink jump rope

      To be nice, we’ve included our most welcoming piece of cardio equipment, the Bodyworx ABX450M exercise bike. A more simplistic model that still offers a fierce cardio workout, this rig features 8 levels of resistance, LCD console display, adjustable seat and heart rate monitor for a comfortable yet challenging ride 🚲.

      And to finish this set-up off with a bang, we just had to include the boxing bag and gloves. Boxing isn’t just a sure-fire way to get fit and healthy, but it’s an awesome release and an excellent way to promote positive mental health. Learn some combos and unleash on your bag to help your mind and body get fit and strong!

      Looking to spend a little less dosh? Check out of $1500 & $1000 budget home gyms! 

      And, as always, if you require any further assistance you can always reach out to our expert staff.

      Lifestyle boxing image with Everlast boxing gloves and boxing bag

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