Kettlebells are round ball shaped weight made from cast-iron with a handle. Majority of weight is distributed at the bottom of the kettlebell. Kettlebell is used for total body fitness. Kettlebells are the best exercise equipment for athletic training to boxers, kick boxers, MMA fighters, football stars, Weightlifters, Army people and many more. These Kettlebells are made from high quality steel materials to deliver best performance and technical perfection. Kettlebell workouts generally start from lighter weight to heavy weight exercise. Various types and size of Kettlebells are available including classic kettlebell, Pro Grade Kettlebells and Power Clubs. Pro Grade Kettlebells are the finest kettlebell out there for your lifting. Power Clubs enhance wrist strength, endurance, flexibility and grip. Power clubs are used for sports, general fitness and handgrip specialist training. Kettlebells are now used in Commercial Gym and home gym. Kettlebell gym equipment is a great way to improve your fitness level.

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