100kg Rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Barbell Set (BRONZE LABEL OLYMPIC BARBELL)

Body Iron

$398.00 $600.25
::  1 X 7ft Olympic Barbell 1 X Pair Spring Collars 4 X 2.5kg Olympic Plates 8 X 1.25kg Olympic Plates 2 X 10kg Olympic Plates 2 X 20kg Olympic Plates

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100kg Rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Barbell Set (BRONZE LABEL OLYMPIC BARBELL)

This 100kg rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Barbell Weight Set with 7ft bar is the perfect accompaniment for any home gym. This rubber tri-grip set in stylish rubber finish has a wide range of weight options and combinations, and will ensure you can develop with your kit over time. The easy to change weights with spring collars are both secure, and make it quick and versatile to change for any training requirement. The rubber coated act as chip resistant will keep this set looking great for years, making our rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Weight Set a truly heavyweight set for use on its own or with Olympic benches.


      This 100kg rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Barbell Weight Set includes a 7ft Olympic width Barbell and assorted Olympic Weight Plates for a completely customisable workout. The all new easy tri- grip weight design is ideal for safer handling, and can also be used independently as a free weight with easy grip for sport specific muscle training.

Weight Set Comprises of:

  • 1 X Pair Quick Release Olympic Spring Collars
  • 8 X  1.25kg Tri Grip Olympic rubber Plates
  • 4 X  2.5kg Tri Grip Olympic rubber Plates 
  • 2 X 10kg Tri Grip Olympic rubber Plates
  • 2 X 20kg Tri Grip Olympic rubber Plates 
  • Olympic Barbells included in this package are economy rated. Not suitable for high drops or clean and jerk.


  • We highly recommend having spotters for exercises such as Bench Press or Squat.  However, if you are training by yourself (specially for bench press), we recommend training without spring collars on your barbell. This is in case if you get stuck, you can tilt side ways and slide the weights off the bar. 
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