2 kg Adjustable Ankle Weight (blue)

Body Iron

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2 kg Adjustable Ankle Weight (blue)

If you're looking around for some wrist/ankle weights, these are a good choice. Here's what good the most about them: -they're adjustable. This is clearly their best feature and saves you having to buy multiple weights of different increments. No need to buy a 0.250 weight, then a 0.500 weight, and then a 1kg as you get stronger on an exercise- with these, you just take out or add what weight you need


Product features:

  • Adjustable in 0.250 increments up to a total of 1kg per leg and 2kg in a pair (0.250 Adjustable Weight Increments)
  • Outside pockets for weights / easy to adjust
  • Velcro closure ensures a snug fit
  • Great for toning the legs whilst walking, jogging and running
  • Sold in Pairs. Total weight is 2kg


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