Adidas Adjustable Ab Bench ADBE-10230


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Adidas Adjustable Ab Bench


Adidas Adjustable Ab Bench:

The adidas ab bench can be adjusted into both flat or decline positions which enable you to adapt the intensity of each exercise and target different muscles in your torso. The ankle pad pivots to self-adjust to your leg length.

The mid-section, or the core musculature, is made up of the muscles that work to stabilise and support your torso, for example, the Rectus Abdominis (the large flat muscle wall that defines the front of the mid-section from the lower chest to pubic bone) can be developed to give you the elusive six pack.

An adjustable bench which can be used flat or in decline adds dozens of exercise variations to your repertoire and can be used in multiple ways to work the upper and lower sections of the abs. The slower you perform the exercises, the firmer and harder the muscles - alternatively, go fast to burn surplus fat.

If you want to target the abdominals you need to isolate them and that usually means crunches or ab curls, with help from the quadriceps and hip flexors. With that in mind, the ankle pads are positioned low so that you actually start your curl from an extended position with limited help from other muscles in your torso.

The back pad of the bench is 65mm thick providing ultimate comfort for your weight training sessions, and with a bench and set of dumbbells going hand-in-hand, the bench features a compact holder underneath for storing accessories.



  • Durable construction and powder coated finish
  • Adjustable back pad with 65mm thick, high density foam
  • Self adjusting ankle pads for improved support
  • Durable construction
  • Product Dimensions 113 (L) x 49(W) x 46 (H)
  • Weight capacity: 175Kg user weight
  • Cartons Dimensions (cm) 110.5 (L) x 39.5 (W) x 16 (H
  • 12 months warranty

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