Basic Lifters Package
Body Iron S1 squat and half rack dimensions
Jet black adjustable exercise bench with wheels and transport handle
Basic Lifters Package
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Basic Lifters Package

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What's included

Our Basic Lifters Package is the ideal choice for any weight training enthusiasts thinking about building a home gym. Most suitable for beginner to intermediate-level lifters, this package was built to level up your strength training! 

The squat rack itself is easy to assemble and comes with a wide inside space. This accommodates to a greater number of exercises such as bench press and sumo squats, making it user-friendly for everyone.

  • BUILD STRENGTH: If your goal is to grow your muscles, then you need to be weight training a minimum 3 times per week. With the basic lifters package you have all the equipment necessary to target every muscle group in order to develop strength and boost your muscle mass.

  • BOOST FAT LOSS: Strength training is an excellent method for shedding excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased, we continue to burn a excess calories. 

  • PORTABLE: All the equipment included in this package can be easily moved and transported to accommodate for any fitness space. The S1 squat rack is light, without compromising on stability, whilst the FID V3 bench includes transport wheels and handle for easy manoeuvring. 

Suitable for Beginners ✓   Easy to Assemble ✓  Budget-Friendly ✓