S1 Lifters Package V3
Body Iron S1 Squat & Half Rack
Next Fitness Utility FID Multi Bench
S1 Lifters Package V3
Body Iron 7ft Bronze Olympic Barbell
S1 Lifters Package V3
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S1 Lifters Package V3

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    Suitable for Beginners ✓   Easy to Assemble ✓  Budget-Friendly ✓ 

    You all loved the OG Lifters Package, so it was a no brainer that we created the S1 Lifters Package V3! An easy choice for all you weight training enthusiast ready to build the ultimate home gym. 

    The S1 squat rack is extremely easy to assemble. It features a wide inside space, accommodating to a large number of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, and bent over rows. It also includes built-in pull up handles which are extremely effective for growing your back, shoulders and arms.

    Utilise the gym bench's various incline levels to amp up your upper body days even further. By working the body at different angles you'll be able to target ever inch of your chest, arms and shoulders to achieve a well rounded exercise routine.

    • Build Strength: if you're on a mission to grow you muscles, then you need to be weight training! With the S1 Lifters Package V3 you'll be armed with all the equipment necessary to target each of the major muscle groups, helping you reach your goals!

    • Boost Fat Loss: strength training is an excellent method for burning excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased we continue to burn a excess calories. 

    • Portable: all the equipment included in this package can be easily moved and transported to accommodate any fitness space. The S1 squat rack is light, without compromising on stability, whilst the Next Fitness Utility FID Multi Bench includes transport wheels for easy manoeuvring. 

    Adjustable Dip Attachment (50mm – 50mm) - $99

    Body Iron S1 Lat/Row Attachment - $299

    Body Iron S1 Olympic Sleeve Attachment Pair - $30

    ** Optional extras are not included **