Battling Ropes Challenge Level 1 DVD

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Battling Ropes Challenge Level 1

The Battling Ropes is a new system that was created by multiple word record holder John Brookfield. This DVD is guaranteed to raise your strength & conditioning to new heights. The Battling Ropes system will introduce to you two new elements to your training. These missing elements will train you to maintain your power & strength levels for a much longer period of time. No matter what your goals are the Battling Ropes System will greatly enhance your performance on your chosen battlefield.



Product Feature:

      The Battlling Ropes Challenge is a dynamic training video that shows you a wide variety of exercises in the Battling Rope level 1 training. Even though John Brookfield the creator of the Battling Ropes calls this training video level 1, he takes you through the basic exercises, then on to the intermediate exercises and then on to the advanced exercises.

This training video will ground you and give you more than enough knowledge to prepare you to climb the ladder and into other levels of the system. John takes you into exercises in the kneeling and seated positions, as well as demonstrates exercises that actually will double the intensity of your training.

    The Battling Ropes challenge will train you how to sustain higher intensity for longer durations of time. This sustained intensity is the result of the fact that the system demands that you use constant velocity instead of momentum.

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