Marcy Home Gym Cardio Package
Marcy folding treadmill
Marcy Club Trainer Spin Bike
Beginners Home Gym
Beginners Home Gym
Beginners Home Gym
Beginners Home Gym
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Beginners Home Gym

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Low Price ✓  Family Friendly ✓  Variety of Equipment ✓  Easy Storage ✓  

We've brought your favourite Marcy products together to build an epic home gym package that isn't going to break the bank! You'll find that switching up your sweat sessions between strength and cardio training is an awesome way to minimise exercise boredom whilst maximising your results!

When it comes to cardio day, you'll be spoilt for choice with the Marcy Easy Folding Treadmill and Club Trainer Spin Bike. Whether you want to smash out some sprint intervals, enjoy a leisurely stroll or ride, or work both these cardio beasts into a wicked HIIT session, you'll have complete freedom to choose how you'll crush your cardio goals!

With the Marcy Home Gym MWM988 you'll be able to perform over 30 different weighted exercises using the various workout stations. This not only helps ensure you're targeting all the major muscle groups, but it keeps your strength-based days fresh and dynamic!

    • Complete Gym Set-Up: with a mixture of both strength and cardio equipment, this package deal offers an entire gym at a budget-friendly price.
  • Promote Fat Loss: mixing up your training with a combination of weights and cardio is one of the most effective ways to promote fat loss and maximise your results.

  • Build Lean Muscle Mass: the Marcy home gym can be used to target all areas of the body in order to develop strength and build lean muscle mass.
  • Increased Cardiovascular Health: cardio training is the most effective way to boost our heart health. Regular cardio training will strengthen your heart and improve your aerobic capacity.

  • Folding Mechanisms: the treadmill can be folded in half for easy and convenient storage.


DB wireless computer  - $79

Gym Flooring (10sqm) - $429