Body-Iron Platinum Multi Press Squat Rack

Body Iron

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Body-Iron Platinum Series Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack



The Body-Iron Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack is rated at 500Kg.

Body Iron Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack  is strong, solid, durable, dependable and built to last.

It's wide supports are for Olympic 7ft bars use, or you can use a standard 7 foot barbell. This Squat Rack has 6 different heights that the barbell can be set at.

Multi Press Squat Rack also has 8 Plate Weight Storage.  Rack allows placement of a Barbell bar at your ideal position, reducing the strain from lifting heavy weights off the ground. 

Ideal for use in hotels, apartments, corporate gyms, PT studios and Home use.


Product Features:

  • Maximum User Weight: 500kg
  • Adjustable racking positions of 6 positions
  • 8 Plate Weight Storage
  • Approximate Dimensions: 177cmW x104cmL x178cmH
  • Commercial Steel Tube 100*50 3mm, 50*50*3MM and Steel Plate 10mm
  • Product Weight 151kg
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Commercial or Home Use
  • Warranty
  • Shipped in a 68cm*90cm*190cm crate


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