Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR

Body Iron

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Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR


Don't compromise on quality:

The Body Iron L1000HR Half Rack is for home and commercial use.

Body Iron commercial Half rack L1000HR might look the same as cheap model out on the market, what you don't see is the quality and strength of the steel and the size of the Half Rack.

Maximum recommended user of weight 900kg not 120Kg Like other models. Some brand on the market say that their products weigh heavy then they are to trick the person buying. They place sand or cement in the steel tube so it weigh more. This will not make your product stronger.

The Body Iron L1000HR Half Rack comes with 8 X Storage pegs to hold Olympic plates.

The Body Iron L1000HR Half Rack comes with 12 X Band pegs

The Body Iron L1000HR Half Rack has 28 hole selection for safety spotter hooks. Other brands have 18 holes because the steel is not as strong.

The Body Iron L1000HR Half Rack is 3.2mm steel not 1- 2mm


      • Can handling serious work-outs. The Body Iron L1000HR Half Rack, which helps weightlifters work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, military presses, and more.
      • When piecing together your very own home gym, one of the last items of equipment that may come to mind is a power rack. However, the correct utilization of such a piece of equipment can produce massive results, it just depends on what exactly it is that you personally are after. A power rack is not something for everyone. The average every day gym goer is more than likely there simply to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. But those of us who are seeking one thing, and one thing only, then this is when the power rack really comes into play. If you are looking to dramatically increase in sheer size, then this simplistic piece of body building equipment is definitely right up your alley.


Product Features:

        • Heavy Duty Construction
        • Solid Steel Chin Up Bar Mult-grip support up to 350KG
        • Pair of Barbell Hooks support up to 900Kg
        • Pair of extra Long adjustable safety spotter hooks support up to 900Kg
        • 8 x storage weight pegs to hold Olympic Plates.
        • 12 X Band pegs
        • 2 X Barbell Holders
        • Assembly Dimensions: 138 cm (L) x 161 cm (W) x 240 cm (H)
        • Approximately Weight of Rack 145KG.
        • Highest hole from the ground is approximately 70cm.

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