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Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR
Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR
Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR
Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR
Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR
Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR
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Body Iron Commercial Half Rack L1000HR

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Make your dreams of a commercial-graded home gym a reality with the Body Iron L1000HR. Taking the Body Iron L500HR to the next level, this squat rack can take on some serious weight, pushing even the strongest athletes to their limits!

Designed specifically to assist with big, explosive movements such as deadlifts, squats, and bench press, this power rack is extremely effective in helping build strength and increasing your muscle mass / size. It also features a multi-grip chin up bar which is excellent for sculpting your back, shoulders and arms.

To add even more versatility to your workouts, this power rack comes with 12 band pegs which are compatible with any power or resistance band. Utilising power bands in your workouts are a great way to perform isolated exercises, such as triceps kickbacks, so that you can focus on developing a single muscle (or muscle group).

To make this rack complete, the Body Iron Commercial L1000HR has several storage features, including 8 weight plate storage pegs and 2 barbell holders, so added convenience and efficiency.

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Product Weight: 150kg approx.

Maximum Rackable Weight: 900kg.



Assembled Dimensions: 163cm (L) x 182 cm (W) x 243cm (H) approx.

**With all Racks a 7ft Barbell will be needed. This means the required width to fit this rack will be a minimum of 270cm (210cm Barbell with 30cm on either side so the user can add weight plates).**

Inside Width: 112cm approx.

Outside Width: 182cm approx.

Inside Depth: 145cm approx.

Outside Depth: 163cm approx.

Maximum Pull Up Bar Height: 240cm approx. 



Material: Steel.

Finish: Powder coating.

Tube Size:  75mm X 75mm.

Hardware Size: 12mm. 

Hole Spacing: 8cm for top holes, 4cm for bottom holes.

Number of Holes: 5 top holes, 25 bottom holes.



12 x Band Pegs.

2 x Barbell hooks (support up to 900kg).

2 x Extra-long, 30cm adjustable safety spotter (support up to 900kg). 



Dip attachment.

** Please note: barbell, weight plates & optional extras are NOT included**

    • LASER CUTTING TECHNOLOGY: each section of the Body Iron 1000HR has been cut by laser technology to achieve the best accuracy and precision. It also features laser cut numbers next to each of the hole spaces so that you can easily adjust your hooks and safety bars.

    • ROBOT WELDING TECHNOLOGY: each welding is done by robots. This ensures maximum safety for users, as it guarantees the carrying capacity of each component is completely accurate.

    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: 28 hole selection for safety spotter hooks. This allows for natural lifting use, reducing your risk of injury.

    • CONSTRUCTION: wide frame built with heavy-duty steel for maximum stability and support.

    • STORAGE: 8 x weight plate pegs (only compatible with Olympic weight plates) and 2 x barbell holders.

    • BUILT-IN CHIN UP BAR: that can support up to 350kg.

    12 months.