Body Iron Echo Squat Stand BSQ2

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Body Iron Echo Squat Stand (BSQ-2)


Don't compromise on quality:

Body Iron Echo Squat Stand (BSQ-2) might look the same as cheap model out on the market, what you don't see is the quality and strength of the steel and the size of the Squat Stand. The Body Iron Echo Squat Stand (BSQ-2) frame is 2.2mm thick steel. Not 1mm or 1.5mm thick steel that our competitors or auction sites sell. Also is 4 way welding not two way like cheap models sold.

Maximum recommended user of weight 180kg not 100Kg Like other models. Some brand on the market say that their products weigh heavy then they are to trick the person buying. They place sand or cement in the steel tube so it weigh more. This will not make your product stronger.

    The Echo Squat Stand was built with the serious weight lifter in mind. We added both safety bar catches as well as adjustable bar supports. Some users may want to use the racks for bench press. Adjust the bar supports to your desired level and then adjust the safety bar catches in case you need safety support. Many incremental adjustments for the perfect height required for your exercise
The Echo Squat Stand is a practical addition to your gym equipment at home. Whether you are doing squats or dead lifts, this is perfect for anyone looking to get a gym-quality workout at home. Featuring super strong powder coated steel construction, it bears a massive 150kg maximum weight capacity. The 15 holes allows a huge range of height adjustments ensuring you can have a complete workout routine. Fitted with non-slip feet will enhance its stability and safety when in use.


products specifications:

  • Customizable incremental height adjustments for bar holders
  • Appropriate for Standard as well as Olympic barbells
  • 15 holes for adjustable height
  • Non-slip feet enhances stability & safety when in use
  • Massive 180kg maximum weight capacity
  • Assembled Size: 51cm x 53cm x 107cm
  • 12 months warranty
  • Home Use
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    Package including:

    • 1 set of Echo Squat Stand

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