Body Iron Half rack / Squat Rack S1 (Yellow/Black color)

Body Iron

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Body Iron Half rack / Squat Rack S1 (Yellow/Black color)

Body Iron Power Half rack / Squat Rack S1 design to have deepened the space inside the rack, allowing wide unrestricted movement. Excellent for use with a variety of leg and upperbody exercises including squats, presses, shrugs and chin-ups.

Product Features:

    • Solid Steel Fat Grip Chin Up Bar
    • Powder Coated
    • Straight Pull Ups recommended using counter balance with barbell and weights on barbell hooks to stabilise rack
    • Barbell Hooks support up to 270Kg
    • Multiple Peg Holes for Easy Adjustment 15 holes
    • 2 Rear Standard plate holder. But can add Olympic Plates with a Chrome Olympic Adapter Sleeve For $25
    • Deeper Inside Area for Unrestricted Space when Workout
    • Multiple Height Settings
    • Solid Spotter Arms
    • Reinforcement Plates provide great stability
    • Great for Squats & Calf Raises
    • Exceptional Value
    • 2x2 inch Steel Powder Coated
    • Use with Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
    • Larger interior makes bench movement easier
    • Pair of 8cm adjustable safety spotter hooks
    • Pair of extra Long 30cm adjustable safety spotter hooks
    • 15 position holes for natural lifting Use with a 7 ft Olympic bar or Standard Bar 7ft
    • Optional Dip Attachment $40
    • 12 months warranty

    Approx Measurements:

        • Width = 124cm
        • Height = 204cm
        • Depth = 93cm

    Frame is 2.2mm thick steel. Not 1mm or 1.5mm thick steel that our competitors or auction sites sell.


    • Kipping Pull Ups (Swinging Pull ups) Not recommended may cause unit to tip over if not counter balanced with barbell and weights on barbell hooks


    Lat/Row Attachment Upgrade $179 :

      • Powder Coated
      • Lat Pull support up to 250lbs
      • Low Row support up to 250lbs
      • Suitable for Standard Plates but can add Olympic Plates with a Chrome Olympic Adapter Sleeve For $25



    Optional Dip Attachment $40 :

      • Pair Dip Attachment
      • Can be adjusted to 3 sizes

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