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Body Iron Multi-Grip T Bar Attachment

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Compatible with any standard or Olympic barbell, the Body Iron Multi-Grip T Bar attachment is designed to be slipped over the end of a barbell to promote a more natural movement pattern during various landline exercises, such as bent over rows, squats and deadlift variations.

To use this multi-grip handle attachment correctly, you first need to secure your barbell into the landmine attachment. Then, secure the attachment to the other end of the barbell using the lock knob before adding your weight plates.

By choosing this attachment over cable ropes or close grip v-handles, you’ll be able to engage and target more muscles, as the multi-grip positioning offers great exercise versatility.

  • 181kg Weight Rating: being able to handle such a serious amount of weight means you’ll be able to push your limits during each and every training session.

  • 50mm & 27mm Sleeves: means this attachment is compatible with any Olympic sized or standard sized weight plates.

  • Steel Construction: made from a heavy-duty steel designed for weight training.

  • Powder Coated Finish: not only offers a stylish design that will suit any fitness space, but will also protect your equipment from wear and tear.

  • Multiple Barbell Inserts: makes this attachment compatible with majority of barbells on the market.

Product Weight: 4kg approx.

Weight Capacity: 181kg (400LBS).

Length: 121cm.

Body Iron Multi-Grip T Bar Attachment dimensions