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Body Iron Platinum Delt / Pec Fly

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Body Iron Commercial Delt / Pec Fly solid built. It also one of the only models that come with 100Kg selectorized cast iron weight stacks.

Solid high-quality steel counterweight allows users to choose from 5kg to 100kg, with 5kg increase successively. Both up and bottom ends of the weight stack are equipped with durable cushion.

The stainless solid steel guide rod is rust-resistant under compression and distortion.

There are magnetic latch and fixation to prevent lose attachment during movement.

The cables used are aircraft quality and have 2000 lb tensile strength.

Ideal for use in hotels, apartments, corporate gyms, PT studios, and Home use.

100KG weight stack

Weight stacks have been fitted with magnetic weight pins.

The seat can be adjusted 5 levels

Approximate Dimensions: 134cmW x 124cmL x202cmH

Commercial Steel Tube 100*50 3mm, 50*50*3MM and Steel Plate 10mm

Cable: 6mm

Product Weight 249kg

Commercial or Home Use

Quick and easy adjustments.

Shipped in a 90cm*75cm*245cm crate

90 Days Upholstery

12 Month Parts Warranty Frame

12 Month Cable and Attachment Warranty