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Body Iron Semi Commercial Power Tower

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The Body-Iron Power Tower is an ideal piece of Strength exercise equipment for home. It allows various shoulder, chest and core stability exercises to be performed, all using the user's body weight for resistance, such as chin-ups, pull-ups, knee raise, dips, and press-ups. This particular piece has a double-sided design that means it can be used by two people at the same time.

Knee Raise: Tone your abs, lose your love handles and sculpt your six-pack - all in one convenient, comfortable station.

Dip Station: Develop explosive power in your chest and triceps on this sturdy dip station.

Pull-Up Station: Nothing builds your back and arms like a simple pull-up. This open station allows for a variety of pull-up variations, including wide grip, narrow grip, side-to-side and front-and-back.

Push-Up Station: When you perform push-ups on these raised handles instead of on the floor, you can lower your body deeper - this uses more of your chest muscles and works them more completely

Approximate set up measurement Dimensions 220cm x 62cm x 137cm cm

The maximum recommended user weight 250kg

90 Days Upholstery

12 Month Parts Warranty Frame

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