Body Iron Smith Machine E Series

Body Iron

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Body Iron Smith Machine E Series


The Body Iron Smith Machine E Series has 13 lockout positions and adjustable safeties to ensure that the user remains safe while building muscle.

The Body Iron smith machine provides all of the classic strength training exercises such as bench pressing, squats, rows and shoulder press. This smith machine is driven by a Bushing system stability and smoothness. Adjustable loaded safety catches provide safety at all times

The Smith machine is a piece of equipment used in weight training. It consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel rails, allowing only vertical movement. See our feature lists below with our smith machine compare with others. There are some differences in construction that you need to know before you buy the wrong smith machine and end up with an expensive coat hanger.

The Body Iron Smith Machine E Series is rated home use. It is suitable for standard or Olympic weight plates.


Product features:

  • Bushing provides smooth movement and feeling
  • 150Kg capacity on bar
  • Heavy duty guide rods
  • High quality metallic powder coating
  • 2 plate storage posts
  • Dimensions L 181cm W 116cm H 205cm
  • Suitable for Stranded or Olympic Plates Only
  • 12 months warranty

First time use and Maintenance is required for all moving parts. We recommend WD-40's lubricant. To be used on guide rods .

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