Body Sculpture 5 Spring Chest Pull


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Body Sculpture 5 Spring Chest Pull


Benefits of hand grip :

  • Body Sculpture 5 Spring Chest Pull is a muscle-enhancement tool that yields upper body strengthening improvements while toning core and chest muscles for enhanced flexibility and endurance levels
  • Body Sculpture 5 Spring Chest Pull works well for upper body sculpting needs. It allows users to perform varied levels of resistance workout and stretching routines to strengthen chest muscles. With every pull, users can enhance stamina and endurance and when teamed with weight lifting and aerobics, it offers a holistic upper body workout benefit. The overhead pull-down assist to broaden the upper back portion, the pull-behind back aids to build the arms muscles while the holdout stretching technique on either side strengthens the entire upper back and arms muscles.
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    Product features:

    • Easy comfortable grip handles featuring 5 resistance springs
    • Suitable for intense resistance workouts
    • Enhances muscle stretch and flexibility
    • Beneficial for fitness buffs and sports persons
    • Ideal workout utility for home-use or when traveling

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