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Bodycraft Hyperextension Gym equipment
Side view of the Bodycraft C670 Hyperextension Roman Chair
View of handles of the Bodycraft Hyperextension Roman Chair
Woman performing exercise on hyperextension hair
Woman performing exercise on hyperextension hair
Woman training her obliques on the Hyperextension Roman Chair
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Bodycraft C670 Hyperextension Roman Chair

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Elevate your core strength with the Bodycraft C670 Hyperextension Roman Chair. Effective for targeting the muscles in your anterior and posterior chain, this Roman chair will help you develop strength in your abdominals, obliques, lower back and glutes. 
    Featuring adjustable foot holders, you'll be able to train between a 0 ˚ to 45 ˚ angle. This not only adds to the versatility of the hyperextension bench, but also the safety and stability.
      If you're new to strength training then working at a 45 ˚angle will help you execute the correct technique, lowering your risk of injury while accelerating your strength gains. Performing back extensions with the correct technique is crucial to ensure the movement is powered through the correct muscles and doesn't put too much pressure on your lower back. As your core strength improves, you can continue adding progressive overload to your training by reducing the angle of the bench (towards a flat position) to make the exercise more difficult. 
        You can also use the various angles to target different muscles. For example; positioning your feet wide, toes slightly turned out, and with a slight flexion in your spine will help with glute activation and recruitment during back extensions. You can also target more of the obliques by laying to one side, using your hand to support your head and hinging from the waist. 

          Maximum User Weight: 136kg.

          Assembled Dimensions: 61cm (L) X 129.5cm (W) X 96.5cm (H).


          Frame - 5cm x 5cm square, heavy gauge steel construction.

          Upholstery - Foam. Vinyl cover.

          • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The BodyCraft Hyperextension Bench adjusts from a flat position to a 0  ˚ to 45  ˚ position, accomodating to all heights and limb lengths. The back-hyperextension bench enables you to position yourself correctly for a wide variety of exercises.
          • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Built from high quality steel with an aesthetic finish, ready to take on some tough home workouts.
          • COMFORTABLE UPHOLSTERY: Features high-density foam to insure maximum comfort when in use.

          • STABILITY HANDLES: The stability handles provide support when aligning your body to ensure correct technique and maximum security when going on and off.

          • SPACE-SAVING: The compact and sleek design allows you to store the machine conveniently in a small space which is perfect for users with limited space to workout.

          12 months. General wear and tear not covered.