Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine
Black Bodycraft Smith Machine
Blonde man doing reverse lunges on smith machine
Base of Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine
Pull up bar attached to Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine
Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine
Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine
Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine
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Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine

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The Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine's patented barbell motion offers an array of versatile exercises.

Distinguishing itself from other smith machines on the market, the Freedom Smith Machine offers both vertical and horizontal movement, allowing for unlimited, user-defined range of motion. Because the body’s natural movements can be utilised within the Jones, all free weight exercise can be performed. The Jones Freedom comes standard with our Economy Olympic bar with a starting weight of approximately 18kg (40lbs) and a weight capacity of 206kg (500lbs).

The safest free weight bar that moves with you! The Bodycraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine provides the ability to move forward, backward, up, and down in a guided way. Paired with the Active Balance Bar, the Jones Freedom offers a true barbell training experience.


    Maximum Weight Capacity: 206kg (500lbs).

    Bar Weight: 18kg (40lbs).



    Approximate Assembled Dimensions: 

    Floor Space - 127cm (L) X 140cm (W) X 211cm (H) excluding bar width. 

    User Space - 127cm (L) X 214cm (W) X 211cm (H) excluding area that may be required for an optional bench. 

    Barbell Diameter: 28mm. 



    Material: heavy duty 11-gauge steel.

    Finish: Dark grey powder coat finish. 

    Bearings: Commercial grade precision linear bearings. 

    Guide Rods: Case-hardened, precision milled stainless steel guide rods.



    1 X Multi-grip chin up bar.

    • SAFETY: At any point during an exercise the weight bar can be “racked” with a simple twist of the wrist. Adjustable safety spotters are included to add that extra measure of security.

    • EASY TRANSITIONS: Setting up for the next exercise has never been easier! Simply raise or lower the bar to the desired starting position, adjust the safety spotters to a safe position, add the desired weight, and lift!

    • HIGH QUALITY: The most affordable option in the BODYCRAFT Jones family without compromise on quality.

    • MOVEMENT: All moving parts glide smoothly with linear bearings and solid hardened steel guide rods.

    • 20 LOCK OUT POSITIONS: For bar and safety spotters, with 7.62cm (3 inch) spacing 

    Frame: 5 years.

    Parts: 1 year.

    Labour: 1 year.