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25KG BodyWorx Commercial Rubber Hex Dumbbell 1 QTy (FLOOR STOCK PICK UP ONLY MELBOURNE)

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Please note the following regarding FLOOR MODEL STOCK FOR SALE.

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  • Floor stock will not be shipped out, the purchaser must collect.
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Dumbbells are a must have piece of equipment in any fitness space. Offering some of the greatest exercise flexibility, these weights are an excellent tool for building total body strength, particularly in your arms, shoulders and chest.

Designed to be used hand in hand, dumbbells enable us to achieve a greater range of motion during any particular exercise. This is extremely important when we are trying to build muscle mass, as it allows us to recruit more muscle fibres, which over time, will lead to greater adaptations of the muscle. Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises include various presses, flies and curls.

These Bodyworx hex dumbbells will make for the perfect new addition to your home or commercial space. They have been built with a thick, durable rubber, designed to withstand frequent use.

By utilising rubber weights you’re less likely to damage your equipment or flooring if they are dropped, encouraging you to up your weights and take your training to the next level.

**Please note, these dumbbells are NOT designed for high drops**.
  • Knurled handles: the silver chrome handles have small ridges for a comfortable yet firm grip, preventing your hand from slipping whilst you are building up a sweat.

  • Shape: having a hexagonal shape stops the dumbbells from rolling around. This reduces your risk of a hazard when you’re working out in a crowded space or switching between multiple exercises / workout stations.

  • Exercise Versatility: dumbbells are particularly useful for building strength and developing muscle mass. Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises include chest press, bicep curls, RDL’s and back rows.

Product Weight: 25kg  1 Qty 

Shaft Finish: Chrome.

Finish: Chrome handle, rubber ends.

Sleeve Rotation: none.

12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty.

Wear and Tear not covered.

Damage due to dropping not covered.