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Bodyworx Multi Station Home Gym 180lbs

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Multi Station Home Gym features a solid frame construction with high quality padding and upholstery. If maximum strength and a weight room full of workout options is what you want in a minimum amount of space, then try this multi home gym on for size.

    • The Multi Station Home Gym features a multi-function exercise; Exercise using a cable puts muscles under a constant tension. With free weights, the angle of joints are often changing, thus the resistance on the muscle is also changing
    • Under constant tension, blood flow is often increased, thereby resulting in quicker and bigger pumps. The end result is the promotion of larger capillary beds to be rebuilt within the target muscle.
    • Some of the balance is done for you with cable exercises. This allows for more focus to be on correct form and strong peak contraction at the top of every repetition-something less possible with free weights.
    • Cable machines can be extremely versatile. They can be used for a wide range of exercises through complete ranges of motion. Anyone can be accommodated by making adjustments to the cable machine. Angles and heights can be modified, also allowing for a single machine to conveniently offer a full body workout.

Exercises that can be carried out on this Multi Station Home Gym include:

Chest press
Chest flyes
Bicep curls
Tricep pushdown
Lat pull down

Functions: Over 20 upper & lower body exercises, multi-grip press arm for chest & shoulders, lat pull /low row.
Seat: Adjustable for height.
Pads: Contoured backrest.
Assembled Dimensions: 141cm (L) x 105cm (W) x 205cm (H).
Weight Capacities:
Weight Stack: 180LBS 
Maximum User Weight: 110 KG