Bouncing Slam Medicine ball - 3kg

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Bouncing Slam Medicine ball - 3kg

  • Bouncing Slam Medicine balls are some of the most durable medicine balls on the market today. Slam them, throw them and bounce them. They have the durabailuty and strength of a slam ball and the bounce of a medicne ball.
  • In the years before expensive medicine ball rebounders and the mass produced rubber medicine balls (weighted basket balls), Loumet began manufacturing an extremely durable one piece roto-molded air-filled medicine ball that would bounce, float and not split when slammed against hard surfaces!
  • Bouncing Slam Medicine ball are the most durable and reliable medicine ball on the market today.
  • Designed and manufactured to be used on all solid surfaces.
  • Slam after slam, the Gymball has been field tested and proven to keep bouncing right back at you for more.
  • Bouncing Slam Medicine ball Gymball combines the strength of a dead-ball with the bounce of a medicine ball.
  • Over 20 years has passed since Bouncing Slam Medicine ball first started manufacturing its weighted Gymball and in that time thousands of athletes, trainers, studios and gymnasiums have recognised the superiority of its durability and performance.


There are many advantages to training with Bouncing Slam Medicine ball - 3kg Such as:

  • They allow for improved range of motion
  • Core strength
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Joint integrity
  • Upper and lower body strength.
  • The great thing is that you can involve a partner or simply use a solid, sturdy wall.
  • 3kg 250mm diameter
  • Suitable for home or commercial use.


Product features and benefits:

  • Medicine balls are often used for rehabilitation and strength training, they serve an important role in the field of sports medicine Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training the first reference to wrestlers training with sand filled bladders appears in Persia nearly 3000 years ago. Athletes use medicine balls to increase their core strength. One common activity is to have athletes hold the ball against their chest and thrust it at another athlete, who catches it against their chest. This strengthens arm, chest, and leg muscles.

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