Commercial air bike, air rower and ski-machine set
Impetus black and red air bike
Bodyworx Air Rower Commercial KRX700
Black and grey commercial ski machine
Impetus air bike console display
Impetus AIV8000A comparison table
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Commercial Air Bike-Rower-Ski Machine Set

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Utilises Air Resistance ✓  Commercially-Graded ✓  Variety ✓  Big Savings ✓ 

If you're a personal trainer or cardio fanatic looking to level up your fitness space then you've come to the right place!

Suitable for both home and commercial use, all 3 pieces of cardio equipment utilise an air-resistance technology. This means the harder you pedal, row or ski, the harder the resistance, giving you complete control of your workouts.

Each 3 pieces of equipment also offer manually-set, adjustable resistance levels, as well as a diverse range of pre-set programs. By offering such variety, this cardio package is guaranteed to challenge all fitness levels, pushing you to your limits with every work out.

  • Increased Cardiovascular Health: cardio training is the most effective way to increase our heart health. By regularly accelerating our heart rate through exercise we learn to pump blood more efficiently throughout the body, which over time, strengthens our heart and increases our aerobic capacity.

  • Promotes Fat Loss: cardio is an easy and effective training method to burn excess calories. Pair this with a well-balanced diet and you'll lose those unwanted kilos in no time!

  • Full Body Workout: we've purposefully grouped these 3 pieces of equipment together to provide the greatest amount of versatility. You'll not only be able to regularly change up your workouts, but you'll also have the option to predominately work your upper, lower or fully body during any given training session. 



Flooring - 10 square meters - $429