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Compact strength set
standing leg press and calf raise machine
leg press and leg curl machine
bicep curl and triceps extension machine
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Compact Strength Set

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If you're looking to grow some thick legs and huge guns, this epic strength trio is for you! Suitable for all strength and fitness levels, this quick pick package will save you time, space and a whole lotta' cash!

Not to be fooled by their compact design, these machines were made for some explosive movements and huge gains. It's just a major bonus that they take up minimal room and save you a ton of gym space!

The Body Iron Leg Extension & Curl Machine, paired with the Body Iron Compact Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine make targeting every muscle in your lower body effortless. You'll be able to crush your quads, grow your glutes and hammer your hamstrings with every use by loading up the weight plates and putting yourself through the paces! 

Legs feeling like jelly? Enjoy an upper body pump on the bicep curl and triceps extension. This little beast will help you execute full range of motion so you can easily work your upper and lower bis, as well as those harder to hit triceps.

  • Full Body Workouts: this dynamic trio allows you to achieve a broad range of full body workouts that'll help you build strength and muscle size, tighten, sculpt and tone your physique, and aid with fat loss.

  • Compact Gym: all three of these strength machines have been specially designed to be as compact as possible, limiting the amount of space they take up in your fitness space.

  • Isolated Exercises: you'll be able to create targeted workouts that hone in on a specific muscle group, helping you achieve muscle symmetry and definition.

  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: all machines in this package are suitable for home or commercial gym use. 
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