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Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60 rightly skewed perspective
Inside area for the Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60
Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60 left side perspective
Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60 left skewed perspective
Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60 right side perspective
Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60 left skewed perspective
Lat pull down and low row bar optional attachment for power rack system
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Next Fitness Power Rack PR-60

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Looking for a new centre piece to your garage gym? Or, maybe you're looking for your first ever power rack? Well, look no further than the Next Fitness PR-60!

With a massive 200kg weight rating and 18 levels of height adjustment, this rack will be a great addition to any beginner to intermediate lifters home gym. 

With a deep inside space that allows for unrestricted movement, this power rack allows for the widest of squat stances, and can be used with any flat or FID weight bench. 

It comes equipped with adjustable safety arms, designed to securely catch the barbell and keep you safe if you need to dump the bar on any rep that may have been a little too heavy. These spotter arms also feature barbell hooks so you can lift freely outside the rack. 

You also have the option to add a diverse range of accessories, such as band pegs, dips bars and lat pull down attachments to ensure you're hitting every major muscle group, and to add some more variety to your workouts.

Some of the World Fitness teams favourite exercises to perform with the Next Fitness PR-60 include squats, rack pull and deadlift variations, lunges, bench press and military presses.

  • Construction: thick, heavy-duty steel frame covered in a smooth, black powder coated finish.

  • Adjustable Height: offering 18 height positions that allows for natural movement with a wide range of exercises.

  • Safety: offers adjustable safety spotter hooks and a wide frame design to ensure all aspects of safety and support have been addressed.

  • Reinforcement Plates: offering extra stability.


 2 X Spotter Arms.

Built-in Chin Up Bar. 


 Lat pull down bar / low row bar - $229  


Product Weight: 47kg

Maximum Rackable Weight: 200kg. 

Whole Rack Capacity: 200kg.

Maximum Chin-Up Weight: 200kg.



Assembled Dimensions: 120cm (L) X 110cm (W) X 210cm (H) approx. 

Inside Width: 100cm approx.

Outside Width: 110cm approx.

Inside Depth: 106cm approx.

Outside Depth: 130cm approx.

Maximum Pull Up Bar Height: 210cm approx.



Material: 2mm Steel. 

Finish: Matte black powder-coated finish.

Tube Size: 50mm X 50mm.

Hardware Size: 10mm.

Hole Spacing: 8cm

Number of Holes: 18. 



Boxed Dimensions:

Box 1: 204cm (L) X 35cm (W) X 12cm (H).

Box 2: 133cm (L) X 35cm (W) X 15cm (H).

Boxed Weight: 51kg

**Please note: some orders will be delivered on a pallet or skid due to the size & quantity of boxes being delivered, for easy and cost effective shipping**

    12 months.