Elite Pro Competition Kettlebell 24kg

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Elite Pro Competition Kettlebell 24kg

Ergonomically contoured kettlebells cast in a single mould, to create a stronger and more reliable handle. With a matte black powder coated finish, our kettlebells have a great feel and grip. The matte black powder coat finish allows to grip chalk better.

Each kettlebell features a wide secure base for it to perfectly on the floor and avoid any wobble. Color coded handles, as per international standards, also allow the user to identify the kettlebells easily. Embossed in both KG & LB.

Join the fitness craze that will have you looking your best in no time. Get rid of the belly fat, increase your fitness levels, get stronger. Kettelbell training can make you faster and more agile, increase your athletic performance.

Bottom line is, if youre a male or female and want to look good, Kettlebells will help you sculpt that body, define those muscles and boost your performance and conditioning.

Kettlebells are now used in both commercial and home gyms. Kettlebells as gym equipment are a great way to improve your fitness level.


Product features :

  • Solid-piece construction. Single cast.
  • Same dimensions across all weight increments
  • Handle Diameter: 33mm
  • Distance Between Handles: 123mm
  • Base Diameter: 140mm
  • Height: 282mm
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%
  • Clean, black matte finish. Holds chalk


Package including:

  • 1 x 24kg Elite Pro Competition Kettlebell


Elite Pro Competition Kettlebells:

    Elite Pro Competition Kettlebells originated in the 70s as the sport of kettlebell lifting became internationally recognized. They were designed to ensure that certain dimensions and sizes remained the same when lifting in competitions. However, it wasnt just for the competitions that the dimensions were set like this. As kettlebell lifters generally start on a lighter weight, to ensure good technique the size and dimensions of the kettlebell remain the same as the lifter increases the weight. So although the weight goes up, at no point will their technique have to change.

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