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The Essentials Pack includes our two most popular supplements, made to assist you with  gaining muscle and shedding fat!

Paired with the right workout regime & a balanced diet, this epic duo will help you achieve your goals in no time!

  • Enhance Fat Loss: OxyShred contains ingredients that help utilise excess body fat as energy whilst you train, enhancing weight loss.

  • Energy Booster: OxyShred is a stimulant supplement, designed to give you a boost of energy and enhance your mood.

  • Muscle Replenishment: protein will help replenish your muscles after exercise, enabling you to train hard each and every day.

  • Enhance Muscle Growth: making up one of our three main energy stores, protein is the most important macro nutrient to assist with muscle growth. 

Pre Workout - OxyShred: take 20 minutes before you train to boost fat burning effects.

Post Workout - OxyWhey: enjoy after your workout to aid with recovery and promote muscle growth.