Essentials Pack
Essentials Pack
Essentials Pack

Essentials Pack

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The Essentials Pack includes OxyWhey Protein & OxyShred Fat Burner.


These are our two most popular supplements that assist with both muscle gain and weight loss.


OxyShred is a popular fat burner that promotes the body to increase the level of fat burning during your workout or day to day operations.

OxyShred is a safe, powerful, and highly advanced formulation that stimulates the body's fat cell receptors, boosting your metabolism and thus increasing the body's level of fat burning.

This product is also Vegan friendly.



Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein is not your standard protein - it has been designed to make you feel good from the inside out.

Created with 100% pure, lean, non-GMO whey protein, this particular protein is an innovative industry-first.
This particular protein formulation has been scientifically proven to promote gut health and microbiome balance, improve skin health, boost immunity, and decrease inflammation.

Oxywhey Lean Wellness Protein is often consumed to help build muscle and repair tissue, whilst keeping you fuller for longer without any bloating, gas, queasiness or stomach discomfort and it will, in fact, move you closer to achieving your fitness goals.