Everlast Wall Ball 9kg


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Everlast Wall Ball 9kg

The Everlast Wall ball is manufactured to our usual high standard. 


Benefits and Features:

  • Wallsoft Medicine Balls are a MUST HAVE for Cross training and core exercises.
  • By using Wallsoft Medicine Balls for Cross training, you are not only incorporating your full body, and improving your posture, but you are doing it in a much safer way.
  • You can utilise Wallsoft Medicine balls for creating various fun group exercises to motivate yourself and your friends to get fit. You will be looking forward to your workout sessions!!! Even when you are working out by yourself, you can constantly create new workout routines to motivate yourself and not get bored with repetitive exercises at a local gym.
  • Our Wallsoft Medicine Balls come in different sizes to suit your fitness level and routine. You can use the lighter weights for various group or individual endurance training, and utilise the heavier weights for building strength. The sizes currently available are:

Other Features:

  • PowerCore Central Weight with Heavy Padding
  • Heavy Duty Synthetic Leather Outer
  • 35cm diametre
  • 9KG

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