Functional training Vest WF2

Body Iron

$99.00 $289.00


Functional training Vest WF2

The essential accessory for anyone looking to get the most out of their resistance training. This Vest adds a whole new level to resistance and assistance training. Give your work a 3 dimensional feel with endless possibilities for this vest to be applied in any train situation.

An ultimate core training, this vest in any motion whether it be front, back or lateral the strength of your core is constantly being tested and developed.

Why? It is because of the shift in the centre of gravity while you constantly try to compensate for any balance lost. The big advantage of this vest is its resistance levels are never compromised by your range of movement.

The varying rings of different heights and positions make it easy to switch exercises or levels.

This vest not only aids in cardio and resistance work it is an amazing Contrast Training tool. Contrast Training has been used in a variety of sports to develop muscles so when used in a game for example it can be used with little or no effort.

For example sprinting using the vest with resistance would develop the fast twitch fibres in the muscle. Training with this resistance tricks the muscle to believe that this is the resistance that will be placed on it every time it sprints, transfer this to game time and sprinting will feel like running on a cloud.



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