Black and green rowing machine and spin bike
Man using rowing machine and woman riding spin bike laughing
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Green Machine Duo

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What's included

Pick your poison and get to work with this cardio package. Featuring two excellent pieces of machinery, this home gym bundle was made for all you cardio bunny's who enjoy working up a sweat, but would prefer to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Jump on the Marcy Spin bike to bring the great outdoors inside. Utilising the resistance knob at the front of the bike, you can easily switch up the intensity of your workouts with each different level intended to mimic the feel and difficulty of riding on different outdoor terrains.

This bike also features a comfortable ergonomic seat that can be adjusted to suit all body shapes and sizes.

The KR6000AIR rower is another wicked cardio machine that offers a variety of resistance levels but with this little beauty you're in complete control. Utilising a wind turbine to control the intensity, you’re able to choose your level of resistance intuitively. This means the harder and faster you row, the greater the resistance.

  • IMPROVE YOUR CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE: By engaging in regular cardio activity you'll strengthen your heart and lunges, enhancing the body's ability to fuel itself with oxygen.

  • BURN FAT: cardio is an easy and effective training method to burn excess calories. Pair this with a well-balanced diet and you'll shed that excess body fat in no time!

  • TIGHTEN AND TONE YOUR PHYSIQUE: the exercise bike and rowing machine are excellent for hitting a full body workout. Target your lower body with the bike or strengthen those arms using the rower to help build lean muscle mass.

  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: the Marcy club bike is smaller than your regular exercise bike to save space in your home. It also features transport wheels so it can easily be moved out of the way when not in use. The KR6000AIR rower can also be folded in half for easy and convenient storage.

Compact ✓   Versatile ✓  Portable ✓   Wallet-Friendly ✓