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Marcy Club Trainer Spin Bike
KR6000AIR rower folded in half
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
Green Machine Trio
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Green Machine Trio

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Variety ✓  Easy Storage ✓  Various Programs, Speeds & Resistance Levels ✓ 

A great entry level cardio gym to help you tone up, shred fat and work up a killer sweat session!

Having the flexibility to choose between the bike, rower or treadmill is not only a great way to prevent exercise boredom but also to ensure your workouts remain fresh and dynamic, to continuously challenge the body and reach new gains.

You'll have complete freedom to workout at the intensity you desire, as all these machines can be adapted to suit any training scenario. So, whether you want to enjoy some low intensity steady state training or you're ready to crush a hectic HIIT session, the various speeds, incline and resistance levels offered by this powerhouse trio is guaranteed to meet your needs!

  • Increased Cardiovascular Health: cardio training is the most effective way to increase our heart health. By regularly accelerating our heart rate through exercise we learn to pump oxygenated blood more efficiently throughout the body, which over time, strengthens our heart and increases our aerobic capacity.

  • Enhance Weight Loss: cardio is an easy and effective training method to burn excess calories. Pair this with a well-balanced diet and you'll lose those unwanted kilos in no time!

  • Full Body Workout: we've purposefully grouped these 3 pieces of equipment together to provide the greatest amount of versatility. You'll not only be able to regularly change up your workouts, but you'll also have the option to predominately work your upper, lower or fully body during any given training session. 

  • Foldable Technology: the KR6000AIR rower can be easily folded and tucked away for convenient storage.


Flooring - 10sqm - $489

DB wireless computer  (for spin bike)- $89


This is the most simplistic model in the Colorado series. Awesome for first time treadmill buyers or anyone at the beginning of their exercise journey, we recommend purchasing this model if you're looking for a high-quality treadmill that has nailed all the basic, necessary features. This is also a great option if you're short on space, as it is a little smaller compared to the Colorado 200 & 300 models. 


Sitting middle of the road, the Colorado 200 is perfect for beginner to intermediate level athletes looking to kick their cardio sessions up a notch. This treadmill is still not going to over run you with a bunch of fancy features, however, it does come with a little more power and a little more variety compared to the Colorado 150. User friendly for all, we recommend opting for this treadmill if you've got a little extra space, are a little more advanced in cardio training or if you're seeking a few extra features. 


The biggest and baddest of the bunch, the Colorado 300 treadmill. Top of the range, this treadmill is for our more advanced cardio-fans wanting to bring the feel of a commercial gym home. It has a larger running space, frame and console display, as well as the fastest motor and greatest speed and incline variety. We recommend purchasing this treadmill if you've outgrown your existing unit or if you're only interested in purchasing the best of the best.