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Pivot Lifting Package
Pivot Econ Half Rack
Black Body Iron bumper plate set with 7ft Olympic Barbell
Black adjustable weight bench

Half Rack Pack

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Filled with some of our best Pivot and Body Iron products, this strength package has everything you need to start an elite home gym! Featuring top quality products that are user-friendly for all fitness levels this is bundle that everyone can enjoy!

With a huge 280kg weight capacity, the Pivot HR Econ Half Rack is excellent for building strength and enhancing muscle growth. Equipped with barbell hooks, safety catchers, multi-grip chin up bar and band pegs, this rack lays all the foundations for a well-rounded and effective training regime.

The weight bench offers 6 different incline levels. Not only does this enable you to perform a greater number of exercises, but it will help you reach your goals faster. This is because working the body at various angles enables you to recruit more muscle fibres, which is an important factor when working to strengthen and tone the body.

  • Easy Assembly: despite its abundance of features and sturdy construction, the Econ Half Rack can be easily assembled.

  • Strength Development & Muscle Growth: with 130kg worth of weight, you're equipped with all the tools necessary to reach your goals!

  • Promote Fat Loss: weight training is an excellent method for shedding excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased, we continue to burn a excess calories. 

  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: offering the best of the best, this package includes top quality products made to withstand frequent, intense training sessions.


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