Harbinger Tricep Rope - 26 Inch

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Harbinger Tricep Rope - 26 Inch The Harbinger Tricep Rope - 26 Inch is perfect when you're training the triceps, biceps and shoulders.

A full 26-inch length of 1 and a quarter inch heavy duty nylon rope offers ultimate durability allowing you to train harder for longer. Custom engineered ball grips provide a stronger grip allowing you to get the best possible pull, whilst a heavy duty aluminium receiver attaches to the universal gym cables.


Product Features

Tricep rope develops triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abs

Improves grip strength

Heavy-duty coated nylon rope with solid rubber ends

Connects to any universal gym system

Can be used for various exercises that target different body parts such as:

� Triceps

� Biceps

� Shoulders

� Abs

  • Rated 180kG
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