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Heavy Duty Squat Rack Pack
Body Iron Squat Rack
Black adjustable weight bench with ladder catch system
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Heavy Duty Squat Rack Pack

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Suitable for Advanced Lifters ✓  Huge Weight Capacities  ✓   Commercially-Graded ✓ 

Made for our more advanced weight lifters, the Body Iron SQR 60 Package features some of our most elite strength equipment, giving you the feel of a commercial gym from the comfort of your own home. 

The SQR 60 squat rack has the ability to handle a humongous 400kg, holding its own against the Body Iron 885 Adjustable Bench which has a weight capacity exceeding 500kg!!

With weight ratings this big, this package would pair effortlessly with out our customer-favourite Body Iron bumper plates. Capable of being dropped from above head height, you can strive for that new PB with extra peace of mind knowing that if you need to suddenly drop the bar that these plates aren't going to damage your equipment or flooring.

*Bumper plates are not included in the Heavy Duty Squat Rack Pack* 

If you're not quite ready to increase the weight on the bar the band pegs are an excellent alternative to add additional resistance. Compatible with any resistance or power bands, easily loop them around the band peg and barbell sleeves for added tension during various exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bent over rows.

  • Build Strength: weight training is undoubtedly the best method of exercise to increase your strength. This package provides you with all the equipment necessary to completely reshape your physique, whether your goal is to increase size, tone up or shed excess body fat.

  • Training Progression: all the equipment included in the SQR 60 bundle has huge weight capacities. This means it is capable of keeping up with your strength and training progression for years to come.

  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: featuring some of our best equipment, you'll be able to enjoy the look and feel of a commercial gym from your own home.



Sandwich J-Hooks - $199

Flooring (4 X 4sqm) - $169