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Hip Thrust Package

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Lower Body Development ✓  Best for Beginners ✓  Encourage Proper Technique ✓ 

For any of the men and women out there looking to grow those glutes, our Body Iron Hip Thrust Package is the perfect choice for you!

Being one of the most effective exercises for developing glute strength and muscle mass, hip thrusts are an absolute must if you're trying to build the booty. What's great about this hip thrust platform is that it not only promotes proper form and technique, but it can also be used with a barbell, band or a combination of both, for added resistance. 

Now, we all know how important it is to be lifting challenging weights if we want to grow our muscles, and the glutes are no different! That's why we've included the Body Iron 7ft Bronze Barbell and bumper plates in this awesome package deal!

With a combined weight of 80kg, this gives beginner to intermediate level lifters more than enough resistance to start at a comfortable weight, with the ability to add progressive overload overtime. 

We've included the snap locks as a safety measure. This barbell accessory is used to secure your weight plates against the barbell to ensure no unintentional movement occurs whilst you train. 

  • Lower Body Strength: hip thrusts target all three parts of our gluteus maximus, as well as our hamstrings and quadriceps. This makes them an excellent exercise for developing our lower body.

  •  Exercise Versatility: whilst this may be a hip thrust package, you can also use the barbell and bumper plates to aid in your glute growth! Pump out some deadlifts, squats, or lunges to help you on your fitness journey.


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