Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)
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Marcy Home Gym 150 lb (MWM988)

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The MWM988 features over 30 strength training exercises for a total body workout. Just like what you're used to in a commercial gym, the MWM-988 offers many of the same exercises that work the entire body and target most of the major muscles.

Burn calories and increase lean muscle mass. Resistance training not only builds lean and powerful muscles, it also increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories and lose unwanted weight

Due to the design of the MWM988, utilising pulleys and cables connected to a selectorised weight stack, you'll never waste valuable time loading and unloading weight plates. In comparison, the MWM988 home training system exercises are safer than traditional free weight exercises because the weights are never suspended over your body; but rather, is stored behind a protective weight stack where they can't injure you.

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      Weight Stack: 68kg (150lbs).

      Product Weight: 123kg (271lbs).

      Maximum User Weight: 136kg (300lbs).

      Maximum Weight Resistance: 90.7kg (200lbs) for front press.

      Assembled Dimensions: 173cm (L) X 92cm (W) X 201cm (H).



      Chest press.

      Pec fly.

      High and low pulleys.

      Preacher pad.

      Leg developer.



      1 x Lat pull down bar.

      1 x Ankle strap.



      To begin with, the Marcy MWM988 comes with a weight stack including 14 plates, approx. 10 lbs (4.5 kg) each. The top support plate also weighs 10 lbs, thus the total weight of the stack is 150 lbs (68 kg).

      The weight ratios vary depending on the pulley. The maximum weight resistance output provided is 200 lbs (90.7 kg), which applies to the press station. In case you’re interested in the other weight ratios, you can find them in the table below.

      • CHEST PRESS STATION: for triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscle training.

      • PEC FLY STATION: for pectoral and deltoid muscles training.

      • HIGH PULLEY STATION: for lat pulldown exercises, and the training of triceps, shoulders and back muscles.

      • LOW PULLEY STATION: the pulley attached to the lower front part of the machine can actually facilitate a wide array of exercises, such as stand-up curls, triceps kickbacks, squats and more.

      • CURL PAD ATTACHMENT:  as we’ve mentioned above, the curl pad is vertically adjustable offering several positions. Evidently, this workout station provides several types of exercises for the arm muscles.

      • LEG DEVELOPER: this accessory is designed mainly for leg extensions. The machine’s seat is not long enough to support face-down leg curls. But nonetheless, you can perform one-leg stand-up curls by using the ankle strap.