Spiky Massage Roller Stick

Body Iron

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With two spiky massage balls positioned centrally between the comfortable foam grip handles, this self-massage, compact and portable tool, will give you a therapeutic massage, relieving tension and stimulating blood circulation before and after exercise

The massaging roller allows you to concentrate on targeted trigger point areas but also to work on larger more general areas of muscle soreness, fatigue and discomfort.

As the two independent freely moving spiky balls move over the body the user is able to target specific areas of concern to help relieve muscle aches and pains and eliminate uncomfortable knots and niggles in those hard to reach places. The 6cm balls mean that you can reach specific trigger points whilst also maintaining control over larger more general areas of muscle soreness and tightness.

In addition the spiky massager is ideal for larger more general muscular areas both pre and post exercise.

The roller allows you to give yourself or someone else a therapeutic massage where and whenever needed both pre and post workout.


  • Spiky Massage Roller is a unique multidimensional massage tool designed for targeted muscular ache and pain relief
  • The compact lightweight design makes this massage roller portable, easy to store and ideal for travel
  • Two firm massage roller balls rotate independently of the shaft allowing you to work on both general and targeted muscle areas
  • The padded foam handles supporting the massage balls provide a comfortable and secure grip ensuring control and stability during use
  • Benefit from increased circulation and relieve muscle tension both pre and post exercise, ideal for use on thighs, legs and back

Product length: 36cm
Features: 2 independent 6cm spiky massage balls



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