Multi-Grip Wall Chin Up Bar Commercial

Body Iron

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Multi-Grip Wall Chin Up Bar Commercial 

This bar features a slight camber on each end (much like you would find on a standard pull-up bar) and parallel grip handles. This bar is perfect for all kinds of pull-up/chin-up variations.


Product Features:

    • Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar
    • 200KG Capacity
    • 110cm long
    • 50cm Verticle wall attach bracket
    • Length with bracket 120cm (without bracket 110cm)
    • Distance from the wall 56 cm
    • 6 bolts supplied with each cell. Installation of bolts require a masonry drill-bit and socket.
    • 12 months warranty
    • Commercial 
    • It is highly recommended that all wall mounted frames are to be installed on solid double brick wall that are not fragile. For further information we recommend consulting with a building professional regarding the load bearing capacity of the wall.

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