Multi Purpose Home Gym V1
Red and black Multi station home gym
Bodyworx treadmill with console features on display
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Multi Purpose Home Gym V1

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What's included

If you're a fan of the basics then this home gym package is the ideal choice for you. Designed to facilitate weight loss and aid in the growth of lean muscle mass, this bundle will suit anyone at a beginner to intermediate level of training seeking a multi-purpose home gym.

The NFHG-10888 Home Gym from the Next Fitness range may look like your regular multi station gym, however, this little beauty has been built to perfection. 

Not just a one trick pony, the Next Fitness NFHG-10888 has plenty to offer, including dual action arm and chest developer, high and low pulleys, as well as a leg developer. With this many stations you'll have all bases covered when it comes to every upper and lower body training session. 

The ensure this home gym operates smoothly and lasts years in your fitness space  Next Fitness have used 2000lb tensile steel, aircraft cables with sealed pulleys, and heavy gauge steel framework for a high quality, reliable finish.

Although the most simplistic model in the Colorado series, the Bodyworx 150 treadmill still offers a variety of intense cardio workouts. With over 12 different pre-set , as well as various speeds and incline levels, you'll easily be able to adapt your cardio workouts to meet the demands of your desired training intensity. 

  • MULTI-PURPOSE GYM: With a combination of strength and cardio equipment, this home gym package allows you to mix up your training to work towards a diverse range of health and fitness goals.

  • IMPROVE YOUR CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Cardio training is the best way to strengthen your heart and increase your aerobic capacity.

  • PROMOTE FAT LOSS: Switching up your training between various methods of exercise if one of the most effective ways to promote fat loss. This is because strength training helps us to continue burning excess calories even after exercise has finished, whereas high intensity cardio training is a great way to burn lots of calories in a short period of time.

Beginner Friendly ✓  Low Price ✓  Strength & Cardio ✓  Easy to Use ✓