Bodyworx Colorado 200 Treadmill + Next Fitness Home Gym NFHG-10250
Bodyworx Colorado 200 Treadmill
Treadmill console display
Lat pull down attachment on home gym
Pulley system on home gym
Cables on multi-station home gym
Back pad on Next Fitness Multi-Station home gym

Multi-Purpose Home Gym V3

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Strength & Cardio ✓  Versatile ✓  Suitable for Advanced Fitness Levels ✓  

Enjoy mixing up your training? Working towards a range of fitness goals? Looking to deck out your home gym with some top-quality, budget friendly equipment?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, then the Bodyworx Colorado 200 Treadmill + Next Fitness Home Gym NFHG-10250 package is for you!

Featuring some of our most popular products, this home gym bundle offers everything you need to improve muscular and aerobic endurance, tighten and tone your physique, and/or shed those stubborn unwanted kilos.

With the Next Fitness NFGH-10250 the possibilities are endless! Honestly, every aspect of this multi-station home gym as been thoughtfully and carefully constructed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Featuring dual function leg developer, preacher pad, lat pull down, shiver bar, ankle straps and single handle attachments, you'll be able to target every muscle group through a diverse range of exercises. 

Pair this with the Bodyworx Colorado 200 treadmill and you've achieved a fully-rounded exercise regime. This treadmill sits middle of the road for the Colorado series, with over 15 pre-set programs, as well as a large range of speed and incline levels. 

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      • Multi-Purpose Home Gym: by being able to switch things up you'll not only maximise your results but it'll ensure you don't get bored with your training. This is extremely important to stay motivated and ensure that you're continuously challenging yourself.

      • Build Strength: the Next Fitness home gym includes a 100kg weight stack. This is a huge amount of weight to help you strengthen and develop the entire body.

      • Improve Aerobic Capacity: each and every cardio session you'll be strengthen your heart and lungs, teaching the body to pump blood more efficiently.

      • Enhance Weight Loss: combining weight training and cardio is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and shed excess body fat whilst also building lean muscle mass.