Nirvana Adjustable Squat Rack
Nirvana Adjustable Squat Rack
Nirvana Adjustable Squat Rack
Nirvana Adjustable Squat Rack
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Nirvana Adjustable Squat Rack

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An Adjustable Squat Rack is essential to your home gym setup! The benefits of owning adjustable squat rack are endless. It provides a safe and reliable stand to access all the exercise benefits of the squat racks, a staple exercise within the gym. Although squat is within the name of the product, this product has the ability to access the three main power-lifting exercises: The squat, the deadlift and the bench press. Just by adjusting the rack and spotter height, this product can quickly turn into a bench press rack. With the right training, using these three exercises can progressively and efficiently increase muscular strength and power. Most importantly, the added spotter reduces the risk of injury, allowing you to push your limits in a safer manner. It can also improve your mental toughness, as it can aid in you being able to push through your limits and smash your goals – safely!Load up your Barbell with your Weight Plates and push your workout with the added safety of this squat rack.

  • Has a max load of 200 KG
  • Features a heavy duty steel construction for a solid build
  • Added spotter for increased safety of use
  • Spotter and rack height are both adjustable, meaning even greater flexibility
  • Assembled Size: (72-116.5)*84*(101-161) cm
  • Spotter Height: 71-111 cm
  • Spotter Length: 30 cm
  • Max Load: 200 kg
  • Home Use
  • Warranty 12 months