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Chrome 7ft Olympic Barbell
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Body Iron 7 ft Olympic Barbell 1000 lbs Rated

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Whether you’re building a home or commercial gym, you MUST have a barbell. It is that simple. A gym without a barbell is like a forest without tree’s... it just doesn't work. And explaining why this Body Iron 7ft Olympic bar is the perfect weight-lifting tool is just as simple.

Not only can this bar hold a humongous 454kg, but its 28mm centre handle allows for a tight, yet comfortable grip. This enables you to move those heavy loads without compromising your form. This is extremely important for not only reducing your risk of injury, but also for providing an extra sense of security when striving for a new PB or one rep max.

The 50mm sleeves are compatible with any Olympic sized weight plates, making this the ideal barbell for every type of athlete. Whether you’re just starting out with some second-hand, cast iron plates, or a seasoned lifter who only works with commercial bumper plates, this bar can easily be adapted to any training scenario.

To complete its amazing design, this Body Iron barbell features a sleek, hardened chrome finish, making it as sexy as it is practical.

** Please note: this barbell is not suitable for high drops, clean & jerks or deadlifting and is more suitable for home gym use**

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  • Knurl Markings: these markings make hand positioning simple during various exercises such as bench press and squats.

  • 28mm Shaft: this allows you to secure a good grip on the barbell so you can perform most lifts without compromising on quality.

  • Chrome Finish: protects your barbell against rust and other wear and tear blemishes.


Snap locks - $20


Product Weight: 20kg.

Rated Strength: 185 000 psi

Rated Capacity: 435.5kg (1000LBS).



Length: 220cm.

Knurl: Standard.

Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.

Sleeve Finish: Chrome.

Sleeve Rotation: 2 bearings.

Shaft Diameter: 28mm.

Shaft Finish: Hardened chrome. 


Body Iron 7ft Olympic Barbell 1000LBS specifications


Shipping Weight: 22kg.

Shipping Dimensions: 225cm (L) X 7.5cm (W) X 7.5cm (H) round tube.

12 month manufacturer's warranty.

General wear and tear not covered.