Body Iron 7ft Bronze Commercial Olympic Barbell
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Body Iron 7ft Bronze Commercial Olympic Barbell

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This Body Iron Olympic Barbell is not for the faint hearted!

Best suited to intermediate and advanced level lifters, this bar can handle over a HUMONGOUS 500kg in weight! That means you can keep advancing on your major barbell movements, such as deadlifts, clean and jerks, squats, and bench press, to reach new gains.

Featuring a 27mm shaft and non-aggressive knurl, you’ll be able to get a tight, yet comfortable grip on the bar. This enables you to keep moving those heavy loads without compromising your form due to strain in your wrists or forearms.

The 50mm sleeves are compatible with any Olympic sized weight plates, making it an easy fit to any home or commercial gym. 

To complete this amazing design, this Body Iron barbell features a sleek, chrome finish that’ll look brand new for years to come!

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    Product Weight: 20kg.

    Rated Strength: 185 000 psi.

    Rated Capacity: 566kg (1250LBS).



      Length: 220cm.

      Knurl: Standard with knurl at ends.

      Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.

      Sleeve Finish: Chrome.

      Sleeve Rotation: 2 bearings.

      Shaft Diameter: 27mm.

      Shaft Finish: Hardened chrome.



        Shipping Weight: 22kg.

        Shipping Dimensions: 22cm (L) X 7.5cm (W) X 7.5cm (H) round tube.

        • Tensile Strength: offers a similar amount of whip to a deadlift bar without the aggressive knurl.

        • Hardened Chrome Finish: will add to the longevity of your barbell by preventing rust.

        • Knurl Markings: to assist with hand positioning and grip strength.

        Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects).

        2 Year Parts.

        Note: The lifetime warranty does not cover chrome wear or bearings. As this is normal wear and tear. 

        Warranty does not cover wrongful installation, normal wear and tear, misuse or modifications of equipment.