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Olympic Barbell Lifting Package
Silver safety squat bar with black barbell pads
black chrome ez curl bar
black barbell pad
black plastic barbell snap locks
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Olympic Barbell Package

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Can't decide which barbell to buy? Why not have them all! Perfect for personal trainers or serious lifters who are needing multiple bars at a wallet friendly price, this package deal includes a variety of standard and speciality barbells that'll keep your workouts fresh and exciting for years to come!

Now, for anyone who's goal is to tone, tighten, sculpt or reshape your physique in any way, then the first piece of equipment you should be picking up is a standard 7ft Olympic barbell.

This legendary piece of equipment sits top of the pecking order when it comes to gym equipment. Straight barbells can be incorporated into almost any style of training, and can help you reach any fitness goal. Offering a ton of upper and lower body exercises, these bars are one of the most important tools when it comes to developing strength, increasing muscle mass and promoting fat loss. 

The safety squat bar is one of our speciality barbells, and I'm sure you can guess what it's used for. Featuring forward facing handles, this bar enables you to securely hold the barbell in a comfortable position, so that shoulder mobility issues and limited range of motion no longer effective your squatting technique.

The Ez Curl bar is another speciality bar, however this weapon assists with upper body technique. The various angled grips help to relieve the stress we feel in our wrists, elbows and shoulders during various exercises, such as bicep curls and bent over rows, by allowing for a more natural hand position.

  • Variety: switching up your training and incorporating these different bars into your routine is not only an easy and effective way to keep things fresh and interesting, but it also ensures you're hitting each and every muscle to maximise your results!

  • Encouraging Proper Technique: performing exercises with the correct form is one of the most important factors when weight training. It not only ensures your activating the right muscle groups, but it also minimises your risk of injury.

  • Compatibility: all these barbells feature 50mm sleeves that can be used with any Olympic weight plates.


Body Iron Vertical Barbell Rack - $149

The 1000lbs rated barbell is a great entry-level bar for beginner lifters. It can be used to perform most your standard barbell movements, including bench press and squats, however we do not recommend using it for deadlifting or Olympic lifts.

The Bronze barbell (1250lbs rated) is a step above entry level. It's fairly similar to the 1000lbs rated, however this tough nut can handle a little more weight. We recommend opting for this bar if you're starting to advance in your training, are upping your weights, or training more regularly. It can be used for deadlifting, however if you're going to be stacking on the plates or lifting fairly heavy on most days, we suggest going for a barbell with a higher weight rating.

Our Titan barbell sits middle of the road. We suggest this bar to anyone who regularly incorporates deadlifts and/or Olympic lifts into their workouts. There is no knurling in the centre of the handle which makes it great option for cross-fit style training, where you are regularly adjusting or 'catching' the bar. It also offers a sleek, black zinc finish which is nice on the hands and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Obsidian and Slate barbells are our premium, competition-grade bars. These bad boys are made for our more advanced lifters who are ready to stack on the plates and lift some ridiculous weight! These barbells are made from some of the highest quality steel, forged with PSI to rival some of the worlds most expensive barbells. They can be used for all barbell movements, and were built to withstand regular and consistent heavy-weight training.

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