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Marcy Olympic Bench Press MWB732 Package
Black adjustable weight bench with dual action leg developer and built in barbell stand
Silver Chrome 7ft Olympic Barbell
Silver Spring Collar

Olympic Bench Press Set

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The ultimate lifting package for all you bench press lovers, boulder shoulder builders, and bicep pumping bandits!

Ideal for beginner to intermediately trained lifters who love an epic upper body session, this home gym bundle will help you develop strength, tone up and grow those muscles! 

Featuring Marcy Olympic MWB732, this is no ordinary weight bench. Equipped with built-in barbell stand and dual action leg developer this bench offers a total body burn with a single piece of equipment! 

Offering various incline positioning's, the Marcy MWB732 is unreal for hitting all the muscles in your upper body. By switching things up and performing your standard exercises at various angles you'll be able to target a greater number of individual muscle fibres, which in turn, will help you develop muscular strength and size, as well as your desired shape and symmetry.

  • Compact Gym: this strength-based gym is an excellent choice if you're working with a smaller space or budget.

  • Exercise Variety: offering various incline positioning's is an awesome feature to add some more variety to your training. The tri-grip plates can also be used to perform isolated movements, such as upright rows and hammer curls, giving you even more versatility.
  • Develop Strength:  weight lifting is the most effective training technique to develop strength, build muscle mass and completely reshape your physique. With 95kg worth of weight to work with, you'll be able to achieve any goal you set your mind to!

  • Promote Fat Loss: strength training is an excellent method for shedding excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased, we continue to burn a excess calories. 


Flooring - 4 x 4 sqm - $169