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Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Platinum Pro Jack Rack
Knee ups using jack rack
Bulgarian split squat using jack rack
bicep curls using hand grips on jack rack
hip thrusts using jack rack and ybell
Pike push up using jack rack
Glute bridges using jack rack
single leg deadlifts using hand grip off jack rack
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Platinum Pro Jack Rack

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Take your home workouts to new extremes with the Platinum Pro Jack Rack. Offering a compact and portable design, this lifting station will fit seamlessly into any gym space, with the capabilities of performing over 60 different exercises!

This all-in-one gym combines multiple pieces of fitness equipment into the ultimate strength training platform. Doubling as a hip thrust platform, dumbbell pair, leg anchor, hyperextension bench and more, the Platinum Pro Jack Rack offers you a complete gym set-up at a fraction of the price!

Featuring quick-release pins you can effortlessly transition from one exercise to the next. The adjustable padded bars also ensure that the Jack Rack is compatible with all users height and limb lengths.

The Jack Rack comes with two handle grips with 360 degree rotation, which can be used on or off the pro base unit. When used off the base, the hand grips can be used as dumbbells with the ability to add additional weight (weight plates included). This ensures the Platinum Pro Jack Rack will be able to keep up with your strength and endurance gains as you progress with your training.

To top things off the Jack Rack also features a foldable frame and transport wheels for easy and convenient storage. The ideal features for anyone working with a smaller gym space.


    Maximum Weight Capacity - Pro Base Unit: 136kg (300LBS).

    Product Weight - Pro Base Unit: 20.5kg (45LBS).

    Product Weight - Hand Grips: 6.5kg.

    Product Weight - Weight Plate: 2.5kg (5.5LBS).


    Assembled Dimensions: 85cm (L) X 94cm (W) X 98cm (H). 

    Small Padded Bar: 65cm (L).

    Thick Padded Bar: 50cm (L).




    Pro Base Unit - Steel.

    Hand Grips - Steel base with foam, rubber handles.

    Padded Bar - 20cm (8inch) padded foam with black vinyl cover.

    Finish: Metallic powder coated paint.



    1 X Pro Base Unit.

    2 X Adjustable Padded Bars.

    2 X Hand Grips.



    Box 1: 105cm (L) X 27cm (W) X 65cm (H) - 29kg.

    Box 2: 25cm (L) X 25cm (W) X 20cm (H) - 10.5kg.

    • MULTIPLE MACHINES IN ONE: The Platinum Pro Jack Rack combines multiple pieces of fitness equipment into one compact design. Not only will this save you a ton of valuable gym space, but it could also help you save thousands of dollars! 

      Some of the gym equipment the Platinum Pro Jack Rack can be substituted for include: hip thrust platform, hyperextension bench, flat bench, dumbbells, push up stand, and leg anchor. 
    • VERSATILITY: Due to its adjustable features and multiple workout stations, this legendary piece of fitness equipment can be used to perform full body workouts that feature an endless number of exercises.

      Complete an entire lower body workout by performing hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, reverse hamstring extensions, calf raises, and dumbbell bench squats.

      Or if it's an upper body burn you're after, why not builder those boulder shoulders with some rear deltoid raises, dumbbell front raises, elevated push ups, cross arm pull ups, plank shoulder taps, and mountain climbers. 

    • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Both the small and large padded bars are fully adjustable to suit all user and exercise demands. You can also manoeuvre the hand grips on and off the pro base unit for more exercise variety. It even has adjustable floor pads to accomodate for uneven flooring!

    • SPEED TRIGGER HANDLES: The hand grips can rotate 360 degrees for rapid adjustment. 

    • TRANSPORT WHEELS: Makes it easy to manoeuvre or to store away.

    • FOLDABLE DESIGN: For easy and convenient storage. 




            Instruction manual for setting up platinum pro jack rack